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On this page you can find frequently asked questions and answers about rubber and rubber floor coating.

Are You a Producer Company?

We are a company which produces the rubber and also makes the application.
Within the works involving the application, our firm undertakes the guarantee of the product and the appliation.

How To Apply Rubber Coating to the Floor and Does It Displace in Time?

After the smooth surface is cleaned, the double-component rubber glue is laid and rubber is applied on it. Within 8 hours curing (rubber and floor holding each other) is ensured. It is almost impossible to separate from the ground after curing.

Is There Any Condition While Applying Rubber Floor?

It is essential the floor to be smooth and not humid. The application is done by controlling weather condition and the floor.

Can Rubber Floor Be Applied To Any Kind Of Floor?

It is essential that the floor should be concrete. Being smooth the concrete floor, prolongs the life of the rubber floor covering.

Can Rubber Coating Be Applied To Dirt Surface?

Under normal circumstances a concrete floor is needed to make rubber floor covering. But Rubber Tiles can be placed on dirt surface by splashing method. With this placing, the rubber tiles may come loose and even change places. Thus, it is not a work under guarantee.

Can Tracked or Sloping Concrete Be Coated With Rubber?

There is no inconvenience in the application, provided that the concrete is properly formed in the sloping areas. Modular rubber in knurled areas (Tile Rubber, Hexagonal Rubber, Locked Rubber, Puzzle Rubber, etc.) does not allow you to obtain the desired healthy flooring. Instead, applying cast rubber will provide a much healthier and more beautiful surface.

Can I Apply Rubber Floor Coating By Myself? Or Can I Make It Applied For Me?

If you have experience about rubber floor covering or you know someone who is experienced in this work you or your master can do this covering application.

Where Can I Take Support About Application (labour)?

You can call our support line 0216 201 1 201 or you can write your queries us:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. You can get the answer for all the questions.

Is Application and Repair Difficult ?

Application of rubber floor covering requires skill. However, the fixing is very practical. For example, you can replace a problematic product by removing a damaged product in 40x40 size and replacing the same size product.

Can Indoor Places Be Applied Rubber Floor Coating? Is It Suitable For Gyms?

It can be applied in the interior. But it is necessary to ventilate the area which is to be applied or to have a ventilation.
It is very common to apply rubber flooring in gyms. It is a product which protects the health of sportsman. When doing sports, it can eliminate the pain that can occur in the lower leg muscles and wrists . It increases the time of the sportsman.

Is Glueless Application Possible in Sports Halls?

When the application is made in sports halls, it can be done in a non-stick application according to the demand of the customer and the condition of the floor.

Does Rubber Floor Coating Has Noise Dampening Feature?

It is certified by tests that it has the characteristic of impact and sound damping due to its porous and flexible structure. By absorbing high decibel sounds based on the pulse it lowers the decibels.

What Is Rubber?

There are two types of rubber: natural and artificial.
1.Natural Rubber, which is manufactured from rubber wood
2.Synthetic Rubber, which is manufactured with various chemicals.

In Which Cities Do You Serve In Turkey?

We serve all of Turkey, even Europe and Asia.

Is There Any Maintenance Cost After The Application?

There is no maintenance cost.

How Can I Clean Rubber Floor Coating?

It does not require extra effort for cleaning. It is practically cleaned with water and mop.

Can We Apply Rubber Floor to the Pool Sides? Or Does it Become Slipper After the Application?

You can use it at the edge of the pool with peace of mind. The porous structure of the rubber does not hold water on it and does not become slippery when it gets wet.

Is Rubber Cancerogenic?

It meets the criteria set by the World Health Organization (WHO). Rubber material is available in all areas of our lives. For example: baby nappy, shoes, gloves etc.

When I Cover Children's Park With Rubber Does It House Germs and Bacteries?

The preference for rubber flooring in children's playgrounds is that they do not contain bacteria and germs. It is a product that allows children to play in the park in the rain, without being contaminated.
If the ground of the children's playground is soil and sand, the bacteria that are in the open air cannot get out of the soil and sand bed. Particularly, the sand is made of microbes because of the fact that the floor is polluted with animal feces, hidden in the sand. There is no solution to stop this yet. For this reason, it is much healthier than all other floors.

Is it An Environmentalist Product? Is Recycled Material Used?

It is green and 100% recycled. It is produced as a result of breakage of car tires in the crushing machines by removing wire, dirt and other materials.

What is the Average Life-span?

The average life span is 15-20 years. It varies depending on usage conditions, usage intensity.